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Prices for travel insurance can vary wildly, especially if you have a medical condition, so it's important to shop around. Talk to TIM is designed to help customers like you find the best deal.

  • The easy way to compare cover

    At Talk to TIM, we aim to take the hard work out of shopping around for travel insurance, by helping you compare quotes from a selection of trusted providers all in one place. Even with common or serious medical conditions and regardless of age, we can help you get a range of quotes from specialist insurers.

Build the cover that suits you

  • Compare on more than just price

    We're not just another price comparison site. We understand that when it comes to travelling with a medical condition, quality of cover is just as important as price. That's why we show you all the details of the cover on offer so that you can be sure you're choosing the quote that's perfect for your needs.

  • Speak to our specialists free

    Because at Talk to TIM we want you to be sure you've got the right cover, our experienced sales team are on hand to answer your questions 6 days a week. Our helpful team are based in the heart of the UK and your call will be completely free.

    So if you're looking for quality travel insurance tailored to suit you…Talk to TIM.

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